Finland – the land that makes digital difference

Greetings from Finland – the most innovative country in the world and the 2nd most competitive country in Europe* (World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015)

The land that makes digital difference, Finland has introduced countless technologies and digital services to the world. In fact, Finns are renowned for creating user-driven solutions and sought-after technologies, in large part due to their holistic understanding of digitalization and the entire digital value chain.
A world-class cluster of machinery companies such as Kone, Metso, Valmet Automation and Wärtsilä, coupled with strong local ICT cluster with in-depth knowhow of information technology, electronics, software and wireless communications have made Finland a pioneer of the Industrial Internet. In fact, the Finnish industrial base has a long tradition of controlling business-critical machines and systems by connecting sensors with the network-side systems.

Meet Smart IoT from Finland at M2M Summit in Düsseldorf

To  make most of the opportunities created by digitalisation and Internet of Things (IoT), you need the right partners. And Finnish companies are ideal partners when connecting physical industrial assets via IoT networks, cloud and building smart applications and new services. We understand customer challenges and meet them.

Finland’s achievements in connecting people and devices remain undisputed globally and Finnish companies are internationally recognized for their expertise in creating process control and automation solutions for pulp and papermaking and chemical industries.

Finnish IoT experts deliver innovative solutions from data acquisition to analytics and visualization providing insight on products, customers or operations enabling fact-based decision making for effective operational development. This means rapid Return on Investment through cost reductions and improved customer satisfaction – delivering real competitive edge.

For companies needing to develop new technologies or suffering from recruiting challenges, Finland is a country to be explored. Besides the excellent research and company ecosystems, Finland has several relevant talent pools of experienced R&D people. This is due to the strong track record in mobile technologies through Nokia and Microsoft. Already several companies from abroad are making most of the opportunity.

Capitalize your Knowledge, a Growth Program run by the official Finnish export and investment promotion agency Finpro, hosts the Finland stand, No.1 at M2M Summit where you can meet 10 Finnish IoT players showcasing practical examples of ‘Smart IoT from Finland’.

Avarea: Answers from Big Data
BaseN: the ultimate IoT platform for business transformation
Comptel: Intelligent business solutions

Distence: Smart Services with Intelligent Industrial technology

Elisa: Elisa IoT™ platform for solution and application development

Futurice: Creating customer-centric digital services

Haltian: Tailored IoT devices and solutions for unique use cases
Intopalo: Industrial Software Solutions
Tieto: Data Driven Internet of Thigs Solutions
Wirepas: Cutting edge sensors and connectivity

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